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I started my career as a Web Developer which has turned into Ecommerce Web Developer. While working on e-commerce ticketing web application my company realized that we also need to do digital marketing for the website which was limited to SEO and PPC at that time.

I was given the opportunity to turn this wheel and after 2 years, we managed to double the revenue (100% increase), but it doesn’t stop there and we started putting effort on the social media marketing.

Since my degree was in Internet Engineering, I started exploring other platforms for digital marketing. In my 12 years of experience in this field I have helped several B2B & B2C businesses to increase their social footprints and boost their traffic and revenue with the help of different digital marketing practices.

With my technical abilities, I am very enthusiastic and passionate about digital marketing. I am always keen to explore new tools & techniques. Leadership is in my genes, but I also have the ability to follow.

Outside my work, I like helping nonprofit organizations. I was also considered to be the most effective, inspirational and motivational speaker in my circle. I enjoy meeting people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out to me if you want to talk about digital marketing or cricket.